What is the New Food Pyramid

The new food pyramid is a good guide for all people who want to stay healthy and fit all their lives. Gaining the balance of the right foods to eat will definitely help any person to achieve a healthy physique no matter what age he or she is in. The question is, do you know exactly what the new food pyramid is?

The old food pyramid basically states the four major divisions of food groups: carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals, fats & oil and protein. It also contains the amount of servings needed for each food group. The problem is that not all people have actually understood what the chart really means and therefore it needed some revising.

The new food pyramid was formed to educate all the people to obtain a more balanced daily meal plan as well as physical activity to stay healthy and fit. The new food pyramid chart indicates the amount of servings needed for each food group. Starting off with the grains, which should make up most of your daily diet, followed by vegetables, then fruits, then dairy and lastly there is protein.

There is more flexibility and accuracy in the new food pyramid compared to the old food pyramid. If you go to the MyPyramid.gov website, you will also see that this is highly interactive since you can actually customize your meal plan according to your age as well as activity level. This can also be customized according to the fitness goal you want to achieve. It contains the right foods to eat and the most recommended servings you should take every day.

Another great thing about the new food pyramid is that it is easier to understand. Instead of basically just saying to take this amount of servings, they state the amount in ounces so it is easier to measure the food you are about to eat. The new food pyramid also incorporates the amount of physical activity you should have each day to stay fit.